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The Orthodox Youth Movement endeavors to boost ecumenism in the region. This stems from our conviction that working towards unity is the core of the Christian mission. Jesus, himself, prayed for the unity of all believers and God’s salvation plan points at that day when all humanity unites. Along this path, OYM embraces love as a way to defend God’s truth that was handed over to his disciples and was transmitted to us by the Holy Spirit through the sacred tradition. In this way OYM affirms its conviction that truth and love are linked one can not exist without the other.


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Pastoral Work and Evangelization

The Orthodox Youth Movement teaches that for the Christian person the true renaissance is incarnated at three levels:

  1. The personal level is through a thorough quest for Jesus wherever he may be.
  2. The ecclesiastical level is through the commitment that strengthens the church in its loyalty to its vocation and makes the message it conveys more transparent.
  3. The social level is through the struggle to end poverty, injustice and all forms of human exploitation. .

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